Hire Offshore Digital Marketing Team

A vetted offshore digital marketing team that specializes in SEO, social media, content marketing, and link building.

Offshore Digital Marketing Talent

Are you planning to hire a digital marketing team offshore? It is imperative to keep up with the continuous changes in the digital marketing landscape. Increasing in-house digital marketing expert costs, changing search algorithms, and changing web design trends have made it harder for businesses to hire top local digital marketing teams on a budget, so they hire offshore teams. Devtq has the expertise and a proven framework that has helped many of our clients find their dream offshore marketing team on a budget!

Hire Pro Digital Marketing Team Offshore

Do you have a lot of projects and require offshore employees with the required skills to manage your digital marketing campaigns? Due to economic reasons, businesses all around the world have embraced the remote working concept. As a leading provider of offshore digital marketing teams to businesses in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK, we frequently receive inquiries from agencies looking to expand their in-house digital capabilities with services from offshore digital marketing teams in Asia. Work with us if you are on a mission to hire offshore digital marketing team.

The offshore digital marketing team contributes significantly to a company’s growth trajectory by promoting brand awareness and sales growth. From content generation to social media management, each function is important for digital marketing.

Hire Marketing Expert for Any Role

We have a team of competent digital marketing pros who have experience managing digital marketing campaigns. They can work with your team remotely, comprehend requirements, and works by enhancing using their own viewpoint. Your offshore team may take over your daily digital marketing tasks at a fraction of the expense of recruiting native workers, freeing up your time so you can focus on expanding your business.

General Responsibilities of Offshore Marketing Teams

  • Prepare bi-annual marketing strategies.
  • Work on content strategy and content marketing
  • Work on SEO strategy and website optimization
  • Setup and run PPC campaigns
  • Managing website and blog
  • Write content for websites, blogs, and social media
  • Create social media strategy and campaign
  • Meet and negotiate with sponsors.
  • Allocate marketing budgets wisely
  • Managing people, projects, budgets
  • Nurture leads with email marketing
  • Design social media posts, banners, ads, landing pages, and new web pages.
  • Fix website technical issues
  • Oversee branding and PR.

Key Skills and Competencies

  • Advanced computer skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Creativity
  • In-depth knowledge of marketing strategies.
  • Data analysis.

Key Findings

  • In order to keep within budget, more than 25% of the world’s largest digital marketing agencies have a second team in foreign countries where the best talent is affordable in addition to their in-house digital marketing teams.
  • 30% (or 1 in 5) of digital marketing agencies have remote or virtual content writers and SEO experts.
  • Over 70% of digital marketing agencies agree that they manage to grow their agencies by hiring the best offshore talent.
  • Utilizing an offshore digital marketing team resulted in considerable office and other expense savings for 70% of digital marketing agencies.

Specialist Team, You Need for Digital Marketing Campaign


You will need a content writer of a team of copywriting experts ready to handle all sorts of copywriting for your business including website content, blog posts, video content, guest posts, email content, newsletter, landing page content, and social media post content.


Every digital marketing team should have an email marketing expert to handle all sorts of email marketing and email nurturing campaigns. Email marketing experts built email lists and run successful B2B/B2C email campaigns in order to generate high-quality leads that convert.


A digital marketing team is incomplete without an SEO expert. You will need an SEO expert to the team of SEO Specialist to handle your website SEO. In order to increase sales and leads, SEO experts help companies rank their websites in search results.


Your marketing team is incomplete without a content marketer. With content marketing, you can get leads. Through targeted content placement, you can enhance brand visibility and generate sales. Content marketing specialists play a crucial role in increasing the awareness, exposure, and visibility of your brand.


A graphic Designer should be part of your digital marketing team. The graphic designer creates custom marketing materials for your digital marketing campaign. Furthermore, they can create visually appealing emails, blog post images, and social media post designs.


You will need a website designer or website developer in your digital marketing team. Website designers design and redesign websites or make new custom web pages for high value. You will need the help of a website developer to fix all sorts of website technical or CSS issues.


You will need a social media marketing expert to handle your social media posting, social media banner designs, social media ads, and social media content that drives demand for your products and services and helps you build your brand.

Why Offshore Digital Marketing Team?

Many digital marketing companies have started hiring offshore workers to fill the talent gap in the field of digital marketing since offshore digital marketing teams are great for startups and small businesses to succeed. Companies like these stay one step ahead of the competition by employing the right talent for their clients.

Trusted Offshore Digital Marketing Company

Your relationship with Devtq will give you access to a team of highly trained and experienced marketing specialists, ready to assist, advise, or carry out your projects. Every person for the engagement would be hand-picked based on essential skills and knowledge, whether it is content writing, SEO, graphic design, or web development. A team of the best foreign digital marketing professionals will be assigned to you. Our team finds, evaluates, and tests the finest candidates for your roles based on your specific requirements so that you can decide who to hire. We work with corporate clients’ customers. With independent consultants and flexible resources for each stage of your journey, we will stimulate your progress.

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